Someone claiming to be a representative of Extreme Network is advertising a fraudulent job opening on various job boards. To protect yourself from this scam, confirm the position you are interested in is also posted on Extreme Networks Career site

To find the best talent, Extreme Networks posts jobs on several websites. However, all open positions are posted on our company career page (noted above). If you found what looks like an Extreme Networks job posting but it is not listed on our career site, it is likely a scam.

What to look out for

  • Improper email formats. An email address that varies from the true Extreme Network address structure. Only addresses with “” are legitimate.
  • Online chat interviews. At Extreme Networks we interview by phone, video and/or face to face.
  • Any requests to deposit checks, send funds or disclose personal information not typically associated with a job application. As part of the interviewing or hiring process, Extreme Networks will never send or ask for money or anything else of value.

What are genuine offers from Extreme Networks like?

  • Any genuine offer from Extreme Networks will always be preceded by a formal application and interviews.
  • We only ask for bank details to establish payroll direct deposit after an offer has been officially accepted and the employee has started working. Establishing payroll direct deposit is always optional and not required.
  • Materials (including computers, software, etc.) necessary to perform duties of the position will be provided directly by Extreme Networks. We will not ask you to procure these items.
  • We never ask for money from job applicants.

Extreme Networks has no responsibility for fraudulent offers and advises candidates to follow the guidance provided above. If you believe you have been a victim of a fraudulent job offer concerning Extreme Networks, send an email to Please use “fraudulent job/offer” in the subject line. We will be monitoring this address and will respond to your message.