Cloud-Driven Networking

Powered by Machine Learning and AI

Fourth Generation Cloud Platform

Engineered from the ground up as a true cloud, Extreme Networks has designed a highly performant, flexible and resilient architecture. It leverages state-of-the-art technology like reactive stream processing, indexed search and in-memory-data-grids from industry-leading vendors to implement a fully clustered, task-distributed platform infrastructure.

As a result, the Extreme Networks Cloud provides our customers unparalleled performance, speed and flexibility for their network access management and analytics needs.

Intelligent Resource Management

The elasticity of Extreme Networks’ Cloud creates new levels of scale and support for access network services. Through a clustered design, back-end infrastructure can be independently adjusted as needed based on changing task load and distribution, with the ability to optimize the adjustments by monitoring operations for learned patterns of system performance.

For example, ExtremeCloud IQ, Extreme Networks’ NMS (Network Management System) leverages the latest indexing and caching techniques for rapid access to data stores, to let administrators experience faster data loading and execution of operational tasks, as well as highly responsive UI interactions when compared to legacy cloud management systems.

Cloud Topology –
Public, Private, On-Premises

Extreme Networks offers the broadest range of Cloud Networking deployment options for access network management: Public Cloud – Private Cloud – On-Premises.

Public Cloud

The Extreme Networks Public Cloud infrastructure includes two major components: A global data center (GDC) and several regional data centers (RDC). The GDC performs tasks related to the overall management of Extreme Networks’ cloud infrastructure, like managing administrator and customers’ accounts, and image distribution. The RDCs perform all tasks related to managing customer networks, for an assigned set of customer networks.

Private Cloud

The Private Cloud RDC provides the same benefits and features as Extreme Networks’ Public Cloud, but can be located within a customer’s or partner’s own infrastructure. An ideal solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) or enterprises with more than five thousand access points, switches, and routers, who want the scalability and elasticity of the cloud with the added control of hosting it in their own data center or cloud environments.

Local Cloud

For customers that want to deploy in their own environment but not wanting to deploy a full private cloud, Extreme also offers local on-premises options. Speak to your Extreme Networks representative for complete details about the most suitable deployment method for your environment.

Your Network. Your Way. Complete Solution Flexibility with ExtremeCloud IQ

With SaaS tiering, we make it easy for you to fully tailor your networking solution needs for both now and in the future. Whether you are looking for basic reporting and configuration, or advanced analytics and proactive AI network assurance, ExtremeCloud IQ has you covered. If at any point you need to increase the level of network intelligence, it’s simple to upgrade.