Cloud-Driven Networking

Powered by Machine Learning and AI

Scalable and Extensible

Extreme’s cloud-managed networking architecture is highly scalable and supports a range of deployment options. A microservices architecture brings the agility of SaaS management to wireless and wired networks. The supporting infrastructure resources can be independently adjusted as needed through a clustered design. Workload distribution and caching is optimized based on learned patterns of system performance. This enables a highly responsive user experience.

Extreme Cloud Services also provides a full suite of cloud-optimized Open APIs for developers to create third party applications and user experiences. This includes user onboarding mechanisms, proximity-based services, presence and location analytics, and more.

Flexible Deployment Options

Value-based licensing tiers

Making it easier for you to scale cost-effectively

Subscription tiers make it easy to align your requirements for AIOps and other desired management features with both current and future budgets.