February 11, 2013

Solution Providers: Put Extreme Networks on Your Website!

Extreme Networks Channel Syndication

Extreme Networks Channel Partners – Web Syndication is here!

It’s a tough world out there and few places are tougher or more competitive than the front lines of IT. While some may drop in and visit, our channel partners and solution providers live there 24×7. Demanding customers, complex, ever changing technology, tight schedules, you name it.

We get it.

We also understand that not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated marketing team. There are lots of folks out there who run small or even one man shops where they are either racking, stacking and configuring or they are trying to find the next job with precious little time for anything else.

That’s why we have worked with SharedVue to make it fast and easy to include Extreme Networks products on your website with something we are calling the Extreme Networks Solution Showcase. With just a couple lines of code, you can add the whole Extreme Networks lineup to your site. Even better, we take care of all the maintenance and updates for you.

You keep the leads, you keep the traffic on your site. We give you a dashboard where you can track traffic and control which product families are included on your site. It’s all fast and easy because we supply all the tools and wizards you need to get going.

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Extreme Networks Channel Syndication Dashboard


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