June 20, 2013

Certification and Training – A Partner’s Perspective

Editor’s Note: this special guest blog is written by Jeremy Girard, Director of Marketing at Envision Technology Advisors. Training and certification are important for a variety of reasons. For the solution provider training ensures that their people are capable of building the best possible networks with the latest technology and techniques. For members of the technical staff, it ensures perishable skills remain sharp and up to date. For the customer training and certification help ensure that the people they are depending on for everything from design consultation to rack and stack services are fully up to speed. This blog was originally posted here but we wanted to share it with our audience as it provides good background and insight into the process.

Envision Technology Advisors Engineers Earn Extreme Networks’ Highest Level of Certification

Envision Technology Advisors has announced that Senior Systems Engineer Annette Niemczyk and Engineer Damian Costantino have been named Extreme Networks Specialists (ENS), the highest level of certification offered by the company.

To achieve the ENS certification, Envision’s engineers attended multiple days of training in South Carolina as part of an Extreme Networks’ “boot camp”. Their time at the boot camp ended with comprehensive testing and their inclusion among a select group of IT professionals who have achieved the ENS designation.

“The boot camp was a great experience,” says Annette Niemczyk. “We are deploying large scale Extreme Networks projects, so being able to use the knowledge we’ve gained along the way, and also build on that knowledge with this additional training, has us excited for how we can use these solutions to benefit our clients.”

With 9 additional ENAs (Extreme Networks Associates) on staff and plans to add additional ENA and ENS certifications throughout the year, Envision continues to make education and training a priority for their organization. In particular, a focus on Extreme Networks’ technology positions Envision as recognized experts on the company’s products and solutions. It also brings with it tangible benefits for Envision’s customer base.

“Achieving ENS status is important because it further reinforces our commitment to Extreme Networks,” says Michael Ando, Envision’s COO.  “It also opens up additional support services from Extreme that we can now take advantage of. For companies looking to deploy Extreme Networks, this means that Envision can offer a level of service that few other companies can provide.”

These additional support services include the ability for Envision to bypass tier-1 support and speak directly with other specialists about Extreme Networks solutions, allowing expertise outside of internal Envision resources to be leveraged as a part of all Envision’s Extreme Networks deployments.



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