Extreme Networks Helps Achieve Unparalleled Network Speed and Consistency


Pachuca Polytechnic University aims to develop students into professionals and specialists, on the field of engineering, with expert knowledge and technical skills acquired through experimentation and research. The university is known for developing talented, trained, and certified engineers, highly demanded on the public and private sector throughout the State of Hidalgo, particularly in the industrial region of Pachuca.

In 2013, the university experienced a significant growth not only in demand but in the amount of internal processes that rely on a strong network infrastructure. To meet this demand and continue the path of innovation and high educational quality, the Pachuca Polytechnic University made several situational analyses of the network infrastructure for present and future conditions. After doing a very extensive comparative analysis of different network technologies, Extreme Networks was selected for its robust features and flexibility to be configured with different characteristics for different network designs and situations.

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