Taking textiles into the 21st century

All over the world, national clothing and textile industries are under threat from intense global competition, notably from India and China. However, the hub of Sweden’s textile industry is taking a radical stand at the top end of the market – with a focus on exclusive designs, hi-tech clothing and smart fabrics. The vision involved a Textile Fashion Centre bringing together people and organizations from design and business – a creative mix of studios, exhibition centres, cafes and catwalks, complemented by business and technical incubators, plus the Museum of Textile History, the Nordic Textile Library and the university’s School of Textiles.  The Extreme Networks switching solution forms the network backbone for the Centre, with the following benefits:

  • Simplified management: Infrastructure with flexibility to deliver different levels of service in an immediate “plug and play” manner, and with plenty of potential to meet future demands
  • Seamless connectivity: Trouble-free Internet access  for not only attracting business tenants but also, more importantly, retaining them
  • Revenue source: With a single service provider connection serving any number of tenants, Kanico, the site’s developer, has also gained a whole new, on-going source of revenue
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