State Senate of New Hampshire Goes Paperless and Implements iPads on the Senate Floor

The State of New Hampshire government offices are housed in four locations – the state house complex which consists of the state house, legislative office buildings and the state house annex, and a satellite office for their audit division. To be on the leading-edge of technology and to serve the wireless needs of over 1,100 staff, legislators and elected representatives and senators, as well as the hundreds of lobbyists and citizens that come into the buildings daily, the State of NH chose Extreme Networks to upgrade their infrastructure to provide seamless wireless coverage throughout their four locations.

The New Hampshire State Senate needed to have a seamless, reliable, easy to manage, wireless network for all of its personnel to use. The Extreme Networks solution provided the New Hampshire State Senate with:

  • Fast, secure, and reliable wireless access
  • Ease-of-management with the ability to manage the entire infrastructure form one centralized location.
  • Cost savings and increased productivity
  • Excellent immediate support services
  • Ability for future additions to the network infrastructure
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