Extreme Networks Delivers Better Integration With Virtualized Servers and Superior User Experience


The OEPM is the Spanish trademark and patent registration office. It is an agency depending on the Spanish Government, responsible for the issuing of patents to inventors and businesses, and trademark registration for product and intellectual property identification.

Institution’s Challenge

The OEPM needed to update and upgrade it’s network for their current business and technology requirements. They needed a network that was capable to support new data center technologies, to improve interoperability with the existing virtualized servers, and to increase performance overall. At the access layer, they needed to improve user experience, providing business users with more bandwidth. Finally, they wanted to streamline the IT operation, reducing the number of devices and the noise in the switching racks.

The OEPM faces another business challenge: they have to cope with the increasing number of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) in the business, both corporate and user-owned devices. With these increasing demands, it was evident they needed a new, high performance wireless network able to operate in high-density mobile environments.

Extreme Networks Solution

The project consists of the deployment of an updated, complete network infrastructure including wired, wireless, security, and management technology. Developed in collaboration with Unify as a value added partner, the project includes the following deployments:

  • S-Series, S8 and S4, at the network core. Both devices have been deployed in Chassis Bonding mode, so that the OEPM doubles capacity and speed while keeping the existing wiring lines. S-Series are modular switches with a distributed architecture with no single point of failure, which ensures high availability.
  • Secure Stack B5 switches at the access layer. This equipment provides for 10G uplinks, which will allow the OEPM to deploy a 10G Ethernet network in the future, once the wiring infrastructure is updated.
  • IdentiFi WS-AP3705i Wireless and IdentiFi C25 controllers have been deployed.
  • Network Management. Thanks to the NetSight (NMS-250) unified console, the whole network is managed through a single “pane of glass”. Both S-Series and Secure Stack support policy management and enforcement, for different applications and users.


The network now provides highly available and secure connectivity to more than 650 users in 2 buildings. There are approximately 1,000 connection points across the network, which provides connectivity for about 1.500 devices, including 50 access points deployed throughout the facilities.
The renewed infrastructure provides the OEPM with several benefits, both for the business users and the technical staff:

  • A completely updated network infrastructure, which is able to support the latest technologies for data centers. The new switching infrastructure (high performance S-Series switches) dramatically improves the integration with the existing virtual servers at the data center. They also have more capacity available at the access layer, which means better user experience for wired and wireless users.
  • High performance Wi-Fi infrastructure, ready for deployment of BYOD plans. Now, OEPM has a new, high performance wireless network, able to operate in high-density mobile environments and offering full coverage inside the facilities. Besides, OEPM can now differentiate between corporate and user-owned devices for security and control, so that it allows for future implementation of BYOD schemes.
  • Improved network control and management, which results in a more efficient IT operation. OEPM has managed to reduce the number of devices at the equipment rooms, and the noise in the switching racks.
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