Spain’s Largest Library Benefits from High-Performance, Scalable Infrastructure

The National Library of Spain needed to adapt their network to meet current business requirements for increased connectivity and communications, not only for internal users but also to effectively communicate with other institutions. The library selected Extreme Networks to deploy a new high-performance, low-latency network infrastructure to enable current and future technologies.
The advantages of the new Extreme Networks solution include:
  • High-performance, reliable infrastructure. The library’s infrastructure has been upgraded with the capacity to improve link speed up to 40Gb to ensure fast, secure network access to support the business, technology and communication needs for the library’s 700 users and the institutions they connect with.
  • Increased visibility and control. The two-person network management team has gained visibility over the entire infrastructure, including all users, applications and devices with no impact to network performance.
  • Single pane-of-glass network management. The unified NetSight network management console provides easy, real-time, integrated and unified management of all the network elements.


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