Cost-Effective, High-Performance Network Access Supports Mobile, BYOD, and Virtualization at Oral Roberts University

The Oral Roberts University network needed to be upgraded to support the growing demands of the 4,500 students, faculty and staff bringing their own personal devices onto campus. To support desktop and server virtualization, mobility and a BYOD environment where each user has a minimum of three devices, ORU had begun replacing their Cisco infrastructure with Extreme Networks starting in 2010. In doing so, they immediately realized the benefits of performance, security, management, and support features that would have been cost-prohibitive add-ons with other vendors’ solutions.

Since upgrading to Extreme products, the University went from 3,700 users to 4,500 users, each bringing 3-4 mobile devices with them to the campus. The Extreme network upgrade allowed the University to go from a 1G to 10G capacity while cutting costs.

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