Extreme Networks Provides Reliable Wireless for Google Chromebooks at Kimberly Area School District

After a successful pilot program in the spring of 2011, the Kimberly Area School District decided to expand their Chromebook deployment throughout their school district which serves approximately 4,900 students, more than five hundred staff members, and nine school buildings. Specifically, they wanted to start a 1:1 program in grades 5-8, add two Chromebook carts in each K-4 school, and also add a number of Chromebooks in the high school to supplement the BYOD program in place there. The WiFi connectivity provided by the Extreme Networks Infrastructure gives the Kimberly Area schools the wireless access they need to productively use their Chromebooks. Furthermore, Chromebooks have the features wanted by students, teachers and IT at Kimberly Area schools, such as easy collaboration tools, automatic updates, and easy-to-develop group policies.

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