Extreme Networks’ Connected Experience Big Hit With Cricket Tasmania Stadium

Understanding the importance of moving with the times in a rapidly changing world, Cricket Tasmania has implemented a high speed Wi-Fi network to provide connectivity to guests visiting its Blundstone Arena ground.

Cricket Tasmania’s General Manager of Corporate Services, David Paynter, explains that live sports matches today must compete for audience share with various forms of media, including broadcast, the Internet, television, and papers.

“We’ve really got to attract people to come and enjoy live sporting events. Get them away from the computer and high-definition TV to come here and drink in some atmosphere.”

With the massive number of concurrent users in a facility capable of hosting 20,000 guests, Cricket Tasmania needed a powerful wireless network – and for that, it looked to Extreme Networks and achieved the following results:

  • Robust high-density Wi-Fi network accommodating fans, corporate guests, 300+ media, arena-wide access, and the foundation for future general public access
  • Scalable, manageable, and supportive network technology prepared for future growth
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