Connecting a School Whose Network “Never Stands Still”

Founded in the heart of Central New York in 1946, Utica College is an independent, private residential institution that offers a wide variety of challenging academic programs with ample social and recreational opportunities. The school’s lively “Never Stand Still” motto seems particularly fitting as the school is committed to initiatives such as leveraging technology to enhance student learning, boost staff productivity, lower the cost of education, and improve instruction retention rates.

They are so dedicated to this mission, they have become one of two colleges to announce a reduction in Fall 2016 undergraduate costs, cutting tuition and fees by 42%.

Chief Information Officer, Vijay Sonty, measures IT success with three metrics:

  • Enabling meaningful change
  • Enhancing integration across the system
  • Saving money

With Extreme Networks, Utica College has been able to hit all three.

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