Charité: Becoming an Agile and Efficient Hospital through Virtualization

A data center solution that maximizes the benefits of server virtualization.

Charité is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe. More than 139,000 patients are supplied with the most modern medical services in 100 clinics across four locations in Berlin.

In economically challenging times, the efficient and modern IT solution provides virtualization of the servers in their data center, meets the availability demands of today’s advanced technical and medical equipment, and ensures cost savings while providing more flexibility and agility in the data center.

The advantages of the Extreme Networks new data center infrastructure include:

  • Quickly providing services to support the new digital workflow of the hospital
  • Consolidating servers through virtualization leads to savings in power, cooling, and space requirements in the data center
  • Optimized and maximized utilization of the existing server and compute resources
  • Simple disaster recovery through the high availability capabilities of VMware in conjunction with the network
  • Optimal integration and orchestration of the server and network operations in the data center
  • Faster response and fault isolation in case of failure or problems, with a real-time view of all physical and virtual resources in the data center and beyond
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