CEDAE increases IT productivity after implementing Extreme Networks network infrastructure


CEDAE – Companhia Estadual de Águas e Esgotos do Rio de Janeiro, the Rio de Janeiro State water and sewage company, is responsible for the water and sewage utilities for much of the population of the Rio de Janeiro State. The company operates and maintains the water collection, treatment and distribution system, as well as handles all the final processing stages of the sewage generated by the Rio de Janeiro State municipalities covered by CEDAE.

Investing in integration and connectivity to deliver better services

CEDAE was the result of a merger of the Guanabara State Sanitation Company and the Guanabara State Water Company in 1975. As of that year, the company began providing water distribution and sewage treatment for a number of cities in the Rio de Janeiro State with a total population of approximately 17 million.

Until 2011, CEDAE’s departments operated in different buildings in the city of Rio de Janeiro. During this period, “CEDAE had a poor network that was constantly down due to failures in multi-vendor devices that had exceeded their service life. This brought negative consequences to the company, and particularly to IT, such as client and employee discomfort, and frequent delays in key processes”, says CEDAE CIO Roberto Queyroi.

In an attempt to make the company more efficient and compact, the CEDAE Strategic Plan, which integrated the company into a single unit, was deployed. The strategy also included R$ 2 million in investments for redesigning the IT network for the new headquarters.

Extreme’s expertise provides more infrastructure and capacity

Designing an adequate infrastructure for providing full support to an essential public utility service such as CEDAE is the main step for a project of this size to be successful. Extreme Networks acquired extensive experience in CEDAE’s area, having previously served other water and sewage companies such as Companhia Espírito Santense de Saneamento (CESAN), Companhia Pernambucana de Saneamento (COMPESA), and Empresa Baiana de Água e Saneamento (Embasa).

For CEDAE, Extreme designed a data network 10 times more powerful and faster than the previous one for the company’s new data center, with new Core switches and the NMS (NetSight Management System) software for the system’s advanced information flow management. In this manner, it was possible to eliminate the network’s hubs and design a more secure point-to-point communication with greater capacity and very low latency.

The company’s current results come from a complete logistics and IT overhaul that began in 2011 with the concentration of the company’s activities at Avenida Presidente Vargas, in downtown Rio de Janeiro – the location currently also houses federal companies and mobile operators.

Efficiency that raises productivity

Restructuring the telecommunications network provided significant improvement in the water and sewage company’s logistics in Rio de Janeiro, while eliminating the constant interruptions and increasing the satisfaction of internal users regarding the use of the IT system. These two factors combined have contributed to a 50% increase in productivity.

The project implemented by Extreme at CEDAE streamlined processing time, improved services to the population, and has become a model of how an efficient network can help in public administration.

“The new headquarters and an efficient and unified network enabled cutting down bureaucracy, streamlined customer service, and improved the satisfaction levels of 3 thousand internal users and 1.3 million customers who access the services available on the company portal”, points out Queyroi.

Also according to the executive, the installation of more modern and efficient equipment reduced the previously frequent system downtime – due to the fragility of the network – to zero, and enabled a qualitative leap in the management of the network assets.

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