Brandili Automates its Distribution Center with an Extreme Networks Wireless Solution


Brandili, a leading Brazilian brand in the children’s clothing segment with more than 50 years’ existence, produces around 14 million pieces annually. The brand is headquartered in Apiúna, Santa Catarina State, and has units in Otacílio Costa and Blumenau, also in Santa Catarina, as well as operations in neighboring Paraguay. The company currently has 1,500 employees and more than 15 thousand points of sales in 25 countries.

Automating for increasing productivity

Brandili concentrates around 14 million pieces made annually by its 1,500 employees in its Apiúna distribution center. It is from there that the clothes are sent to the company’s 15-thousand sales outlets in 25 countries. With its distribution manually operated by a legacy system developed in-house, the company was suffering from the absence of a solution to address problems associated to managing its business, such as product storage and faster order separation.

“We were constantly running into problems and, as we were not working with an integrated network management, it was very difficult to solve them quickly”, says Brandili infrastructure coordinator Roberto Mendes. According to him, a high- speed wireless network and integrated management would be the starting point for automating the DC management, and make the area talk to other business processes through intelligent systems.

Extreme Networks modernizes the network and contributes to improved performance

A very high performance wireless technology design with an integrated network management system enabled Brandili to set up a new, fully automated distribution center in Apiúna. With the support from Extreme Networks, the company replaced the previous mechanical processes with a network of technological solutions that contributes to increasing its operational performance.

The automation program was developed from a master plan. Automatic conveyors and interconnected stacker cranes were installed throughout the department, controlled by software integrated into the company’s ERP and sales area via the wireless network. “After the automation, we even reduced the space used in the distribution center”, Mendes points out.

The modernization of the Brandili distribution center included ExtremeWireless technology and more than 50 access points with speeds up to 900 Mbits/s, which now cover 90% of the unit. In addition, the Extreme Management Center was installed for enabling real-time integrated network performance management.

“The project’s goal was to offer a centrally managed, high-availability and performance network, as well as easy maintenance and management of the solution. A network that could fully support a process that is vital for the company”, explains Leonardo Peixoto Luy, Director of Technology and Operations at Secure IT, an Extreme integrator.

After the implementation in 2014, the daily shipped parts volume doubled to 80 thousand, delivery time of the orders was reduced, and the error index has dropped to close to zero, improving the customer satisfaction level.

The solution also proved to be flexible, according to Peixoto, as it started providing corporate access to employees and visitors on any type of mobile device (laptop, smartphone, tablet). “Centralized management ensures the identification and control of both internal users and devices that do not belong to the corporation, in any environment,” concludes the executive.

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