Award-Winning Hotel Provides In-Room Wi-Fi Solution Using Existing Phone Lines


The Best Western Plus Ambassador Suites Venice (FL) has been an award- winning hotel for many years, with excellent guest satisfaction scores in diverse areas such as customer care, cleanliness, and breakfast. But they had one problem: Their guest Internet was “a nightmare.”

Helping Best Western Deliver an Excellent Guest Experience

Janet Bowman, the hotel’s GM, says that the hotel had tried three different Wi-Fi vendors in the past, with no luck. They invested significantly in new equipment and upgrades to improve their network, but the installed solution fell short of expectations. Bowman investigated Best Western’s list of Endorsed HSIA vendors, and her RSM recommended Hospitality WiFi. Having met with a Hospitality Wi-Fi representative, Bowman was assured of their experience and dedication improving a property’s guest Wi-Fi scores.

The hotel presented some challenges, most notably the concrete construction. Other providers had suggested core drilling for wiring between floors, but that was not a desirable solution. Bowman also didn’t want to run unsightly wires down hallways. The proposed solution was Extreme Networks T5 system, which provides affordable high-speed Wi-Fi over a property’s existing telephony wiring.

The Measure of Success

The Extreme Networks T5 wireless WiNG system uses existing CAT3 analog phone lines. This not only eliminates the need for core drilling and unsightly wiring, but it also improves signal strength and performance by bringing Wi-Fi where the guests are, ensuring a quality wireless experience across the property. In addition, the latest 802.11ac technology is designed to support newer devices as well as legacy devices, a crucial deliverable for wireless networks today as guests now bring an average of 2-3 devices with them when they travel.

With the new solution, Hospitality WiFi and Extreme Networks guaranteed 5GHz Wi-Fi coverage throughout the property, further improving performance for guests using mobile devices.

Janet Bowman was pleased with the installation process and performance of the new Wi-Fi solution: “Before I knew it, our equipment arrived; the installer came the next day, and in three days — we were up and running. The installer stayed on the final night and just went up and down the hallways checking for dead spots and making sure everything was operating properly.” Best of all, the hotel hasn’t had a single complaint in the last several months!

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