February 03, 2012

Carpe Diem

The Extreme Networks BlackDiamond X8As we’ve seen over the last month, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the networking space.  Will telcos invest, or won’t they?  When does the migration to 10G in the data enter really take off, and how does this impact ASPs?  Is SDN real, or the latest TLA?  Will (pick your favorite country) debt crisis impact networking decisions?  Although we can’t predict the future, what we can do is to drive our own destiny to the greatest extent possible.

We have a singular focus on Ethernet, driving technology innovation while focusing on reducing TCO.  About a year ago, we also put in place a new, more relevant vision – Make Your Network Mobile – and began a twelve month company transformation, which as you heard our CEO relate on the earning’s call, we’ve now essentially completed.  We also communicated a five-phase strategy to realize that vision.

Last February, people questioned… how could an Ethernet switching company talk about mobility?  Now is probably a good time to reiterate our thinking.  We view mobility as not just WLAN in the campus, or LTE in the WAN.  It is a view that users, devices, data, applications, and even virtual machines are all in motion, and that networks must be designed from the ground-up to support this new world.  To support the quality of user experience expected by the new, mobile enterprise.  To support on-the-go applications across tablets, smartphones, and laptops.  And to support IT in their requirement to meet these needs in a secure, scalable, and budget-friendly way.

This is our mission, and we’re focused on delivering it into the marketplace.  Also on the call we announced the availability of new, exciting products for delivery this quarter that will solidify the role of Ethernet in the data center, the mobile backhaul network, and the campus.  Some, including our BlackDiamond® X8 data center core switch and our E4G Cell Site Router family are announced and are already receiving strong interest, while others are waiting in the wings.  These new products are coupled with our tested and modular end-to-end ExtremeXOS® network operating system and powerful management capabilities.  So how do these products relate to our five-phase strategy?

Last fall, we introduced a unified WLAN and wired data plane, scaling the campus network the world of 802.11n and new demands placed on the edge by mobile employees and students.  This is our Phase 2, and we’ll be expanding upon campus over the next few months with deliverables that unify user identity management across both WLAN and wired.  We’ve also announced our Open Fabric architecture for IT data centers and hosted cloud providers.  This, coupled with VDI, leads into our Phase 3.

Our engineering efforts are focused to deliver. We’re not a gorilla, or a dwarf.  We’re Extreme Networks, and it is our time to seize the day!

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