April 03, 2013

BYOD for the Classroom: Web Filtering Alone Can Impede Learning

BYOD for the Classroom: Leaving One-Size-Fits-All Filtering Behind

The Internet has become a required staple in today’s modern classroom. As instructors and school administrators search for new ways to engage and interact with students on new levels, the Internet has been the catalyst – creating an avenue of endless learning potential.

Unfortunately, too many classrooms are able to merely skim the surface of this vast learning potential. Due to the ever-present concern for student privacy and the need to restrict access to inappropriate online content, school administrators have long been searching for a means to control exactly what their student population may post and view.

Until recently, the solutions they have been forced to turn to have offered only the capable to implement a limited one-size-fits-all approach – utilizing web filters that severely restrict access to websites and applications. And while this approach to network management has lessened concerns related to security, privacy and safety, it has also limited the overall accessibility of the Internet in its entirety, greatly reducing learning possibilities and frustrating both students and instructors. In fact, according to survey by the American Association of School Librarians

  • 52% of schools complain that filtering impedes student research
  • 42% of schools find that filtering discounts the social aspects of learning
  • 50% of schools think that filtering decreases the number of potential distractions

These numbers would indicate that while web-filtering as whole is a necessity, when used alone, it restricts learning potential.

Highlighting the Potential of Our New iboss Security Partnership

This is what makes our new partnership with iboss Security  so compelling. We recognize that enabling optimal access while protecting students and complying with regulations requires a multi-pronged network management approach  – one that includes training, monitoring, and flexible controls. This new partnership combines our Mobile IAM BYOD solution with the iboss Enterprise SWG Web Filters, with the result that schools can regulate access to the Internet, applications, and content based on device, user, location, or classroom, without limiting learning potential.

About The Contributor:
Bob NilssonDirector of Vertical Solutions Marketing

Bob Nilsson is the director of vertical solutions marketing at Extreme Networks. In this role, Mr. Nilsson leads the Extreme Networks strategy and programs for vertical markets including Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12 Education, Federal Government, and Hospitality. He has over 30 years of experience in marketing IT systems to Global 1000 companies worldwide. Before joining Extreme Networks Bob was VP Marketing at Clear Methods. Prior to that Bob held senior marketing positions at Digital Equipment and HP. Bob holds an SB degree in EE from MIT and MBA from Columbia Business School.

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