November 20, 2013

Light a Torch, Light up the Bolshoi Ice Palace

I have always admired Russian engineering. They have done amazing things in the world of aerospace, from the monster Antonov AN-225 Mriya, one of the largest planes to ever fly to ultra nimble, ultra high performance Sukhois capable of doing Pugachev’s Cobra maneuver to some of the most cost effective and reliable rockets flying. Indeed, even the US, a traditional rival in space and elsewhere, uses the RD-180, a Russian rocket engine, in newer variants of the Atlas (IIA-R, V), an application where it added performance and removed complexity, things we like to do at Extreme as well.

Speaking of rockets, recently the 2014 Sochi Olympic torch went to the International Space Station in a Soyuz-09M capsule. Compared to the former Space Shuttle, a relatively simple ship, but as we have seen in networks, adding simplicity tends to add reliability, all other things being equal. The torch made it to the ISS and made it back. Of course they couldn’t light it on the ISS, life support systems and burning things not going well together, but this stage of the torch relay is a good buildup to what should be an exciting 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Speaking of reliability and excitement, Extreme is very proud to play our part in the festivities as we are supplying the network for the Bolshoi Ice Palace, where the Olympic hockey tournament will be played.

This is going to be a cool network, too:

  • 3 BlackDiamond 8k Core Switches
  • Summit X670, X460, X450 and X250 Switches – total 2000+ Ethernet Ports
  • 80 Access Points / WM3600 Wireless Controllers
  • 380 video cameras

Beyond just the network, the Bolshoi Ice Palace itself will be a very cool place. With seating for 12,000, it features an illuminated video ceiling (think Las Vega’s Freemont Street Experience writ large) and a first in Russia media cube over the ice.

We were honored with this responsibility for a number of reasons. One was our combined switched and wireless network offerings made for a relatively easy to design network. We also integrate well with physical security, allowing a single converged network for data and security, adding simplicity and removing cost. Finally, we offered the best possible performance with the richest possible feature set at a price the other contenders couldn’t match.

State of the art technology yet affordable and reliable. Sounds like a win to me.

Enjoy the Olympics in 2014, in the meantime keep in mind that if you watched the London Summer 2012 games that it is likely that at least some of data used to carry the video came over Extreme.

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