October 04, 2012

BlackDiamond X8: VCE Vblock Ready

At Extreme Networks our primary mission is to build the best Ethernet switches in the world. One of the best examples of this goal is the BlackDiamond X8. Designed for 100GbE, the X8 delivers exceptional performance. 20Tbps switching capacity with up to 768 line rate 10GbE ports or 192 40GbE ports in a single chassis standing just 1/3 rack high. Low latency, high performance, high density and it’s even green under the purple skin: industry leading low power consumption too.

With all this performance, we felt that the BlackDiamond X8 would work well in mission critical cloud applications, so we took the BlackDiamond out for certification. We came away with the BlackDiamond X8 certified for some interesting applications in VCE Vblock deployments including local clustering to enable Vmotion as well as both disaster recovery and disaster avoidance, all over Ethernet. We are now proud to be able to say the BlackDiamond X8 is “VCE Vblock Ready.”

For our customers, this means a couple simple things. One is higher levels of availability than fibre channel due to the fact that we can not only do point to point but also ring protection while fibre channel can only do point to point. Another advantage is choice – there is now another viable, certified option. Finally we have price. We have long delivered much bang for little buck and the BlackDiamond X8 is, relative to the performance and reliability it delivers, a bargain. Add in the operational simplicity of a single operating system end-to-end and Extreme is probably going to be a tempting choice for a lot of data center customers.

It is said that every cloud has a silver lining. Don’t know about that, but now maybe a few more will have a purple tint.

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