January 17, 2017

The Birth of a [Super Bowl] Wi-Fi Network

What does it take to deliver secure, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to tens of thousands of NFL fans in-stadium on game day?  How about delivering the same Wi-Fi network to support one of the biggest games on the sports calendar, the Super Bowl?  The answer: it isn’t easy, but in today’s mobile-centric world Wi-Fi isn’t optional.

Not only does a Wi-Fi network need to meet the requirements of today’s mobile-centric users, it also provides a platform to support and enable the key business initiatives of an organization.  The physical characteristics of each stadium are unique, so the Wi-Fi network that supports it must be unique as well.

How are these goals met?  How is a high-density Wi-Fi network built to support the Super Bowl?

As the Official Wi-Fi Provider of the NFL, delivering high-density Wi-Fi solutions to 20 teams across the National Football League, Extreme Networks understands the challenges and requirements included in delivering a Wi-Fi network to support the demands of an NFL team, their venue, and their fans.


As the Official Wi-Fi Provider of Super Bowl 51, Extreme is proud to deliver an enhanced fan experience for The Big Game.  To understand how Extreme designed and deployed this solution, and what it means for fans at Super Bowl 51 watch our short video below, The Birth of a Super Bowl Wi-Fi Network.

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About The Contributor:
Ryan HallSenior Marketing Specialist

Ryan T. Hall is a Senior Marketing Specialist at Extreme Networks, supporting the Sports & Entertainment business unit from a marketing and business development perspective. He also manages solution marketing for hospitality, and has been with Extreme Networks since August 2012, beginning in an entry-level inside sales role. He earned his undergraduate degree in English Literature as well as his master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of New Hampshire.

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