Azara and ExtremeCloud Convergence – Customer F.A.Q .

Extreme Networks is converging Azara with ExtremeCloud in version 4.11. This new ExtremeCloud release provides Azara customers with the unique capabilities of ExtremeCloud combined with the dependability and flexibility of WiNG wireless access points.

  1. What are the benefits of this convergence?
    ExtremeCloud is a wired and wireless cloud network management solution that scales and adapts to your business. It offers single pane of management for your wired and wireless infrastructure with advanced visibility and control over users and applications. ExtremeCloud protects your investment by adapting to changing business needs and architecture without an expensive “rip-and-replace”. In addition, it provides flexible APIs for easier system integration and automation.
  2. How does the migration impact my operations/features/data?
    • Operational changes:
      Azara and ExtremeCloud are very similar, however provisioning of specific capabilities and daily operations may differ due to the UI workflow. Extreme Networks will provide documentation to map Azara menu options to the ExtremeCloud menu. ExtremeCloud was designed to be very simple to use and includes contextual online help, which will empower you with the right tools to transition from Azara to ExtremeCloud. Please consult ExtremeCloud Information Center for ExtremeCloud documentation.
    • Historical Statistics and Logs:
      Once your account is migrated, all new statistics will be collected, stored and presented in your ExtremeCloud account.

      • Audit Logs: All historical Audit logs will be moved to ExtremeCloud and available as a download until January 2018
      • Event Logs: All historical Event logs will be moved to ExtremeCloud and available for download until January 2018
      • Statistics: Historical statistics data will be moved to ExtremeCloud and will be available with the ‘Legacy’ checkbox option to display migrated data
    • Features / Functions: Wireless access points will continue to operate the same way they did when managed by Azara. Your wireless access points will also continue to run WiNG OS and offer its market differentiating capabilities:
      • Dashboard Manager:
        • Custom dashboards that enable you to:
          • Monitor network behavior and historical trends
          • Select from a large collection of widgets. Drag and drop graphs and charts for monitoring, troubleshooting, application visibility, and the captive portal
        • Historical and trend analysis:
          • Aggregated data visualization shows you a historical and trend analysis for predefined (8hr, 1 week, 1 month) and custom ranges
      • Troubleshooting:
        • Remote troubleshooting with centralized event logs on a site or on a device
        • Flexible filter options for fast issue isolation and resolution
      • Smart-RF: Optimal self-tuning for RF coverage in dynamic environments
      • From a management perspective, additional capabilities will be migrated from Azara to ExtremeCloud over time. Specifically, the reporting engine, wireless IDS, remote troubleshooting and presence analytics will be supported in a subsequent release(s) of ExtremeCloud. For the latest details on the release and features plan, please contact your respective Account / Channel Account Manager.
    • User Experience / Training: Documentation is available at ExtremeCloud Information Center in addition to the online contextual help available directly in the ExtremeCloud platform.
    • Getting Support / GTAC Contact Details:
      Extreme Networks is proud to offer our customers and partners direct, high-touch access to GTAC support personnel.
      Through our Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system, you will be connected directly to GTAC engineers and technical teams who are responsible for supporting specific product lines 24 x 7 x 365.

      • Please note: Some of our 800 service numbers have changed. Please see the updated phone listing here.
        • When connected to the ACD, please:
          • Press 1, then
          • Press 4 (for Cloud Solutions), then
          • Press 1 for ExtremeCloud Wireless
  3. What to expect once the migration is complete
    1. What url do I use to access my dashboard?
      You will be accessing the new ExtremeCloud url Azara url that you are currently using will be redirected to ExtremeCloud once the migration is complete.
    2. Do I have the same access credentials / accounts?Existing account usernames will be re-created in ExtermeCloud, however, for security reasons, all passwords will be reset. Administrator (and additional users) defined in your Azara account will receive an email with a link to reset their password.
    3. Is my configuration affected?Configurations are migrated automatically from Azara to Extreme’s new converged cloud – ExtremeCloud.
    4. What will happen to my Licenses / Entitlements?Entitlements assigned to specific wireless access points serial numbers will be automatically migrated from Azara to ExtremeCloud. ExtremeCloud manages entitlements differently from Azara. With ExtremeCloud, entitlements are directly associated with the serial numbers of a device, which means, you no longer will need to manually enter a wireless access point’s serial numbers and MAC addresses to register a device on ExtremeCloud.
      Over-subscribed entitlements (i.e. entitlements you provisioned but did not associate with any hardware) will continue to be available to you and will require you to contact GTAC to associate each entitlement with a specific wireless access point (see GTAC contact details below). When contacting GTAC, the following information will be requested from you:

      • Account name
      • Wireless access point part number (e.g. AP-7532-67030-WR)
      • Wireless access point serial number

      The existing access points (currently setup in your network / deployment) will be automatically migrated, however, they will be upgraded to a newer version of WiNG OS that will allow your Wireless Access Points to connect to our new converged ExremeCloud 4.11.

  4. Can I continue to purchase Azara SKUs/Part numbers for my network expansion?
    No, Azara SKUs are EOS as of October 15, 2017. ExtremeCloud partnumbers for 1Yr, 3Yr and 5Yr subscription service for the access points AP-7502, AP-7522, AP-7532, AP-7662 will be available for ordering starting November 1, 2017. Please consult ExtremeCloud Datasheet under ExtremeCloud Product Page for the SKUs and contact your distributor/partner for pricing.
  5. Migration Process, Schedule and timeframe – What are the Steps Involved in the Migration?
    Our DevOps team will be migrating all Azara accounts to ExtremeCloud starting Nov. 1st, 2017. The team will contact you with migration notification and instructions 1 Week ahead of the start of your migration. The migration will follow the steps outline below:

    1. You will have the flexibility to choose an upgrade window for the migration process
    2. Wireless WING access points are upgraded to a new version of the WiNG OS firmware
      • Once upgraded, your wireless access points will reboot and attempt to connect to ExtremeCloud. Upon successful connection, the wireless access points will receive their configuration (identical to that used in Azara) and resume service.
      • Should the upgrade or connection to ExtremeCloud fail, please contact GTAC
      • We anticipate this operation to cause a brief service interruption while the wireless access points reboot post upgrade and connect to ExtremeCloud. This service interruption is expected to last typical AP recycle time or approximately 20 minutes.
    3. You will be able access the dashboard using with your new credentials. The credential notification will be sent prior to the upgrade notification.

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