Committed to our Avaya Networking Partners

It is a new day in networking and a new day for Extreme and Avaya partners alike! Welcome to the Extreme Partner Network!

A New Day in Networking. Extreme Closes the Avaya Deal.

Find out what this acquisition means for customers and partners of Extreme Networks.

Ensuring your Continued Success

As we work towards unifying the Extreme Partner Network, we are committed to your continued success, providing the resources you need to continue selling the Avaya networking portfolio, and giving you the opportunity to sell the Extreme Networks portfolio as well.

General Overview

At Extreme Networks, we value your commitment to the Avaya networking portfolio and are excited about offering you the ability to sell the new expanded portfolio of Extreme branded products as well as participate in our award winning partner program – Extreme Partner Network (EPN).

Joining will enable you to reap the benefits of Extreme’s partner program, one of the most profitable partner programs in the industry.

Partner Program Updates for October through December 2017

  1. Extreme Networks Introduces Value Incentive Rebate Program for Avaya Diamond Partners

    Extreme Networks is pleased to announce the Value Incentive Rebate (VIR) program for eligible Avaya Edge Diamond networking partners transitioning to Extreme Networks.

    This program provides the Avaya Diamond partner two opportunities to earn back-end rebates for sales growth and total revenue achievement of the Avaya Networking products acquired by Extreme Networks

    This Extreme Networks VIR program is effective October 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017.

    To qualify, you must be an Avaya Edge Diamond Partner and an active member of the Extreme Partner Network (EPN) Program. For those who have yet to register for EPN must do so by clicking here.

  2. MDF Availability for Avaya Partners between October and December

    Eligible Avaya partners will continue to be able to request MDF to support their sales and service enablement activity for Extreme products. Contact your Extreme Networks Partner Account Manager for more details on how to support your funding requests.

    For more details, click here for a copy of the program guides.

How to Continue Selling Avaya Products

For all quoting, special discounting, and ordering, this activity will continue to be operated in the Avaya systems.  Different from the Partner Program operations, this process will remain in place to support all transactions based activity until further notice.

Continue to register your Deal Registration opportunities and sales support request for special pricing through the Avaya PRM system.

How to Sell Extreme Products

Are you ready to sell the Extreme branded products? We have a Fast Track Program designed specifically for you that recognizes your Avaya revenue contribution and certification investments.

Click here to become a members of the Extreme Partner Network at and begin selling the entire suite Avaya and Extreme Networks branded portfolio.

What’s New and What’s Next?

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Welcome to the Extreme Partner Network (EPN)!

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