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Extreme AVB-enabled Switches

A Simpler, Better Way

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With AVB, a set of IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) and the related IEEE 1722 and IEEE 1733 standards, professional A/V environments benefit from vastly simplified network infrastructure, reduced implementation costs, unified management, and the ability to ensure delivery of next generation video and audio applications.

AVB replaces both the physical complexity of cables and the network complexity of earlier proprietary solutions with an open, standards based approach that greatly simplifies network management and support. Turning on AVB on an Extreme Networks Switch requires only a single line of code:


enable avb

Unified Audio and Video Traffic

By delivering enterprise-class capacity, scale, and reliability to Pro AV environments, Extreme AVB-enabled switches unify data, audio, and video traffic on a single network and simplify management throughout AV environments, including auditoriums, conference rooms, public spaces, amusement parks, stadiums, studios, telepresence rooms and more.

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Extreme AVB: The Simpler Approach

With this simpler approach, manual QoS, VLAN and layer 2 multicast address configurations are no longer needed. With AVB enabled, the network is aware of AVB devices, both talkers and listeners, and is able to reserve bandwidth and ensure accurate sync and timing across the network.