Wi-Fi 6

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802.11ax Quick Facts

802.11ax is the 6th generation of Wi-Fi, and will be known simply as “Wi-Fi 6”
The new standard will have quadruple the capacity for more devices than 802.11ac
Wi-Fi 6 supports flexible channel sizes and resource units that allow operators to offer more efficient IoT support

802.11ax Under the Hood with Devin Akin

There is an incredible amount of content available on 802.11ax, however most of it is from vendors making wild claims about their solutions, causing confusion on what’s fact vs. fiction. We asked Wi-Fi Expert Devin Akin, Principal Wi-Fi Architect with Divergent Dynamics, to cut through the marketing fluff and develop a series of short technical videos covering all of the 802.11ax details you need to know. We let Devin be Devin, and he certainly tells it as it is. Fill out the form below to receive an email with access to this exclusive series.

802.11ax Technical Video Series

Part 1 - What is 802.11ax? And why…

Devin explains the basics of what 802.11ax is and to put things into context, he covers Wi-F’s existing issues, how OFDM works and how efficiency is achieved with the current Wi-Fi technology.

Part 2 - OFDMA: The Key Technology of 802.11ax

There are several new technologies introduced with 802.11ax, however, OFDMA is at the heart of this IEEE standard. Devin covers OFDMA in detail as well as the OFDMA frame exchange processes.

Part 3 – Additional 802.11ax Enhancements and Throughput

Learn about Guard Intervals, how 11ax works in the 2.4GHz band, modulation, 1024QAM and more. But at the end of the day, it’s all about throughput, right? Devin will take you through the details of what you should expect in throughput with 11ax.

Part 4 – More Features, Biggest Challenges and When to Upgrade

In this video, Devin covers more features included with the 802.11ax standard and whether they have been field-proven or not. Devin will share his thoughts on the biggest technical challenges and legacy clients and when you should upgrade to 11ax.


802.11ax Under the Hood with Devin Akin

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