September 04, 2013

Application Visibility and Control within the Data Center Fabric

Our data center launch focused on this specifically as a unique differentiator and now the industry starts to acknowledge this – just see a blog about Cisco’s Insieme CTO talking about this at SDNCentral. Driving a car at 100 mph with no steering wheel just does not make sense. This is what the industry delivered to far with its faster and cheaper trend – ignoring the need for visibility and control altogether. But customers demand more than that.

Faster than SDN

In a highly virtualized and dynamic data center traffic flows are ever changing as the VM and their storage keep changing as well. Proper troubleshooting, capacity management and traffic engineering require real time insight into all traffic flows in the data center fabric where up to 80% of the traffic (east/west) remains. So any solution for scaleable visibility and control must be embedded right into the fabric and our CoreFlow2 based switches are perfectly suited for that. Leveraging our flow based ASIC architecture we can collect statistics for all flows traversing the switch without any performance impact and at 100% accuracy.

Unmatched in the industry today and soon even expanded beyond the traditional view up to Layer4. This will give Enterasys even another unique differentiator for the foreseeable future that also bring tangible value to our customers and solves most urgent needs today.


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