October 03, 2013

Apple iOS7 and BYOD: Making it simpler for users and IT

In my last blog “Why iOS 7 is Apple’s most impactful release for the Enterprise”, I described many of the new iOS 7 features that will have the biggest impact on enterprises – improved features that will fuel the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend.

The fact is that for many of these features to be enabled, such as, allowing IT to easily configure and manage user devices, VPP app licensing, Enterprise single-sign-on (SSO), App encryption and Open-In management, an enterprise will need a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution – this is the device side of BYOD.

Beyond MDM, a complete and holistic BYOD management solution must also include a Network Access Management/Control  (NAM or NAC) solution such as the Enterasys Mobile Identity and Access Management (IAM). MDM is about managing the health and protection of the devices, their applications and contents. Where as, NAM or NAC provides management of access to the network – easy onboarding of mobile devices, authentication, dynamic control of network resources, and end-to-end visibility and control for all network devices (wireless and wireless) including smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops.  NAM/NAC solutions that are integrated with MDM products can provide seamless onboarding of devices and easier configuration of all these new features — making life much easier for IT and the users. Also, dynamic policy management based on context of user, device type, device status, location, and time can be easily applied – providing richer level of flexibility, adaptability and security. For example, certain apps might need to be locked during off-business hours or based on where users and devices are physically located. Or Jail-broken devices may not be allowed or may be allowed but with limited access.

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Ali Kafel is the Director of Product Marketing for Enterasys Networks and an Adjunct Professor at Suffolk University. He is a frequent contributor to the Enterasys Blog site and TMCnet. Please follow him on twitter @akafel for more thoughts on this and other Enterprise Networking topics.

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