November 16, 2012

APAC Partner Awards: With Even More Help from Our Friends

We love our Partners

And the winner is….

Earlier this year, we blogged about our Partner Conference for EMEA, North America and Latin America in Key Biscayne, Florida. Last week we had our Asia Pacific Partner Conference. As you would expect, it was an excellent opportunity to get the perspective of the field. While the proclamations and prognostications of analysts are fascinating reading, there is no substitute to hearing about what is happening in the field than from people who are actually building networks with customers.

As a small company, we depend on our partners to help deliver the solutions that customers need. Without them, we are nothing. With that in mind, we take our partners very seriously and thus it is a great honor to be able to recognize the contributions that many have made. Here are the award winners from the APAC conference (awards photo gallery here):

Highest Revenue Contribution:

  • Ericsson

1st Runner Up, Revenue Contribution:

  • Hauman Technologies Corp

Contributor Awards:

  • Megajet Technology, China
  • Hong Kong Telecommunications, Hong Kong
  • AGC Networks, Limited, India
  • JCube Data Co., Ltd., Korea
  • Nera Telecommunications Ltd., SE Asia
  • Hauman Technologies Corp., Taiwan

Strategic Win Awards:

  • Nexus IT and Communications Solutions, Australia
  • Ericsson Communications Co., Ltd., China
  • Howah Technology Limited, Hong Kong
  • Intec Infonet Pvt Ltd., India
  • Ssangyong Information & Communications Corp., Korea
  • Nera Telecommunications Ltd., SE Asia
  • Netfor Technology Corporation, Taiwan

Most Promising New Partner:

  • Convergence Networks Sdn. Bhd

To all our partners, thank you. To our partners who were able to join us at the conference, we had a wonderful time and are looking forward to the next one.

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