July 12, 2012

An Early Bird (Extreme Networks Lead in 40GbE)

That it pays to be the early bird is an age old saying that really never dies.

Early Bird Ships 40GbE

The Early Bird. Note worm.

Extreme Networks is proud to have been the first vendor announcing and shipping 40 Gigabit Ethernet networks. Our BlackDiamond X8 and Summit X670 Open Fabric solutions have already been available to customers for over two quarters.

40GbE was actually originally seen as a transitional technology, a stepping stone to 100GbE, but things have certainly changed. Interestingly, John Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory, an Extreme Networks customer as well as a group founded with the goal of using advanced technology to do real things (like making a variable proximity fuze), helped develop another advanced technology that solves somewhat different but equally real problems, 40GbE.

With Intel shipping servers with 10GbE Lan On Motherboard (10 GbE LOM),  40GbE is the leading method to connect data center switches for High Performance Computing (HPC), cloud and big data applications. Just think instant 80Gbps of bandwidth via redundant connections between two switches.

CREHAN RESEARCH  www.CrehanResearch.com and its founding analyst, Seamus Crehan, have been tracking the evolution of 40GbE, including vendor equipment shipments, since day one.   In the latest report, Extreme Networks is the #1 vendor in 40G modular shipments, #1 vendor in 40GbE revenue and had the highest growth rate for 10GbE Top of Rack (ToR) in the April Quarter.

Seamus sees some very interesting trends with low latency 40GbE connections happening that will quench the thirst for packet hungry applications, be it in the cloud or at the enterprise data center server edge.

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