March 01, 2013

One for All and All for One

One for all and all for one. Most of us remember this line from the classic story of The Three Musketeers.  It was their battle cry as they went through their journey to save the kingdom.  It’s underlying message holds true for many situations today, that as a group we are stronger than any one individual.

In 2004 Extreme Networks launched the first modular Operating System called ExtremeXOS.  No one knew at that point the full possibilities that could be achieved by having an eXtensible Operating System.  The features of CLEAR-Flow, Scripting, UPM, and an open API were new and the need for the intelligent infrastructure wasn’t yet realized, just as Policy Based QoS was a new way of thinking about traffic engineering when we developed it in the late 90s.  Just like with Policy Based QoS, the market and the users, are finding their own way to use the modular OS.  The features in XOS are allowing them to automate mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing the IT staff to be more efficient and to have a network ready to support and grow the business.

Extreme Networks realizes the power of the community.  For a number of years Extreme has sponsored and supported an online community through the web site is a forum where customers, resellers, and Extreme employees can share information on a wide range of issues and topics.  It is the support staff for any customer who is starting to learn and experience the power of a modular Operating System.  In addition to the forums there is also a widget section that provides previously created scripts to be used as is, or as a starting point for new and exciting scripts.  EtherNation is where support of one can make all of us stronger by sharing ideas and experiences.

Extreme further enhanced   the user experience  by launching xKit in July 2012.  xKit is a new idea, think of it as something like the Apple App Store or Google Play for networks. Our hope is that xKit will help drive innovation on the ExtremeXOS platform, which is a good thing whether you make purple switches or use them in your network.

We invite you to join and participate in both EtherNation and xKit. We hope that the value you get out of your participation is as great as what we have seen with our engineers and support staff here.  One for all and all for one.


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