November 10, 2011

Affordable Rocket Science…

Innovation has always been the mainstay of Extreme Networks. From pioneering Layer 2/3 wire speed Ethernet switching when we started the company to taking the lead on Ethernet Ring-based protection switching, to providing network based VM lifecycle management through XNV, innovation has run in the veins of team Extreme.

The latest development in this long history of innovation is the BlackDiamond X8 switch. With up to 192 wire speed 40GbE and 768 wire speed 10GbE Ethernet ports in just 1/3 rack, the switch packs a wallop. And these are not just words: Check out the latest testing results from Nick Lippis’s Open Industry testing at Ixia’s iSim City Labs

In his own words:  “The BlackDiamond X8 shattered all performance records with superior bandwidth, lossless performance and extremely low latency, making it the best-in-class choice for high performance networks,” — Nick Lippis. See video here.

What makes this even more relevant is that this is not just about performance. It is about the right platform at the right price at the right time.

With the broad adoption of virtualization and the move to the cloud the pressing need of the hour is high density 10GbE/40GbE, low power footprint, and automation in data centers.  The BlackDiamond X8 delivers all of that and more. As a low latency, high capacity DCB-enabled fabric, it shines brightest as can be seen in the Lippis test reports. The power footprint of the BlackDiamond X8 is unsurpassed. And by virtue of running ExtremeXOS, our single operating system that runs across all switching products, the BlackDiamond X8 inherits the complete umbrella of automation capabilities such as scripting, XNV, and XML SDK, among other features, to drive automation and customization.

Now some might say fabrics are passé, that it’s all about Software Defined Networking (SDN). And to that: I  say “bring it on.” With our performance, Extreme has the best platform to enable SDN/OpenFlow.

Affordable Rocket Science, shall I say@f0


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