August 27, 2013

Adaptable SDN for Wi-Fi [Infographic]

The Wired & Wi-Fi networks are not really two networks.  They are one network – the business network

You hear the term software defined networks (SDN) everywhere today; however this is mainly in regards to wired infrastructure. The fact is the Wi-Fi part of the network is approaching wired speeds and users are demanding the same experience on the Wi-Fi network as they are used to getting on the wired part of the network. This huge growth in Wi-Fi is being driven by the demands of mobile and BYOD users.

Wi-Fi is a critical business asset, the wired and Wi-Fi network cannot be treated as two different networks, this will not work.  For SDN to be the all-inclusive network change agent it must also include Wi-Fi.

This Infographic details some of the key components of IdentiFi Adapt, the first Wi-Fi solution for SDN.

About The Contributor:
Scott FergusonWireless Product Marketing Manager

Scott Ferguson is a Product Marketing Manager at Extreme Networks with 20+ years of domestic and international experience in the computer and data communications industry. He has held numerous senior level positions in engineering, product management, and product marketing for start-ups, fortune 500 companies, and business turnarounds in both carrier and enterprise focused businesses. Scott is an industry leader driving hardware and software products to financial success and market recognition, in: security, management systems, network infrastructure, and applications. Scott has held senior level positions at companies that include Apani Networks, Avaya, Colubris Networks, Nortel Networks, and Xyplex Networks. Scott has also been a consultant for companies helping them achieve their business goals through his strategic / business planning, new product introduction, implementation, and marketing skills.

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