September 12, 2013

A Recipe for Superior Networking

Extreme Networks has just announced our agreement to combine with global networking company Enterasys.  This news is a great development for customers because together we will lead the market in offering high performance, open network solutions that are secure and unify wired and wireless.

Like a 7 course gourmet meal that combines a diversity of tastes, from rich and savory, to spicy, to sweet and mild at the end, networking also requires a diverse collection of elements that must come together and complement each other – this includes management, monitoring, security and policy, wired/wireless, availability, resiliency and support for virtualization and user/device registration.

Together, Extreme and Enterasys will unite our products and differentiated skills to offer networks that are truly simple to run and that benefit from our great reputations as innovators.

It takes a lot of experience and hard work to create networks that have all the capabilities necessary for non-stop operation, wired/wireless connectivity, sophisticated management and automated configuration that brings everything into one view.

The synergies of our combined high performance solutions can become the greatest and most effective network recipe for our customers.

A little history.  Extreme Networks entered the market in 1996 at the dawn of Gigabit Ethernet, and established a position of innovator for performance and open networking.

Our reputation for terrific Ethernet connectivity stems from more than 15 years of R&D and a singular focus:  helping enterprises, service providers and hosting companies with innovative networking technologies.   Our work sharpening our modular software operating system, ExtremeXOS®, the first of its kind delivered for the enterprise market in 2004, was one of the earliest steps in the movement to open networking, customization, automation and SDN. ExtremeXOS is a foundation that supports a complete menu of Ethernet switches, from 10/100/1000 desktop speeds, to 10, 40 and 100 Gigabit core speeds.

ExtremeXOS is the engine that enables customers to achieve sophisticated infrastructures that reduce the time it takes to operate, configure and regularly update boxes with new features and capabilities.  And of course, from edge, to core, to cloud our switching products deliver a 5-star experience. They offer wire-speed services for converged applications helping our customers support millions of end users. Extreme’s distinctive “purple” switches have helped organizations run their mission-critical networks with the scale and reliability that they need, on a 24x7x365 basis.  Our more recent Open Fabric solutions for the network edge, scalable data centers, converged infrastructures and public and private cloud services have gained accolades in the industry and are deployed widely.

While Extreme has been busy scaling networks with massive capacity, unique software intelligence and high reliability, the team at Enterasys has focused on the enterprise, delivering sophisticated network solutions that seamlessly merge wired and wireless LAN with embedded security and policy management within the switches, all managed under a single NMS delivering its end-to-end  fabric.”

Enterasys has a great reputation for its unwavering focus on integrating management and security into the network, and making that work from end-to-end. This provides customers more intelligence and control. The Enterasys unified wired and wireless OneFabric network solution for enterprise campuses has been a real hit, growing impressively in market share for the last 3 years as schools, hospitals, airports and sports stadiums (among many others!) enable their students, patients, employees and visitors with reliable, secure, high speed wired/wireless connectivity.

A great menu and a well-executed meal in the kitchen together is still not enough to earn a coveted Michelin third star. Earning that third star requires impeccable customer service and keen attention to detail.

Enterasys and Extreme share a common value:  an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and success. The combined service offerings of Extreme and Enterasys will provide even higher levels of support and responsiveness to customers around the globe.

With the exciting new additions to our menu provided by the Enterasys product portfolio, Extreme customers will have an unbeatable selection of networking solutions to choose for all of their network connectivity needs. Like the feeling after a 7-course meal, customers certainly will not be left feeling empty in any respect.

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