March 17, 2014

A lesson learned at HIMSS 14

HIMSS 14 did not disappoint! It was a busy few days and there were so many lessons learned throughout the show and many found a confirmation that the possibilities for Healthcare IT are only in their infancy. While our industry isn’t showing signs of slowing down, we’re at a critical point with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). With many medical practices are now seeing more patients than ever and the need for an electronic medical record EMR system that can manage the volume of patients and coordinate multiple aspects of care is essential.

Although many organizations have tried at least one EMR, we’re seeing that their first attempt may not be the best fit for the organization due to IT complications. With more options now available many healthcare facilities are in the market for a new EMR solution without fully diagnosing their current system.

What I learned at HIMSS 14 is that many Hospitals and Clinics are putting the cart before the horse, so to speak, and installing large complex EMR systems with absolutely zero understanding of the capabilities of their infrastructure, couple that with almost zero visibility and you are headed for disaster. This causes problems with things like application delivery, mobile medical device security, and service delivery. This also perpetuates the constant finger pointing that exists between network, server, and application teams. Hospitals and Clinics are looking for a solution to this problem.

While healthcare analytics is not a new phenomenon, there has been an increase in demand for hospital infrastructure analytics that can help diagnose problems that happen on the network or related systems. Currently there are appliances that sit at choke points and provide analytics but there is no way to have true pervasive visibility into the entire infrastructure…until now.

Extreme Networks is revolutionizing the industry by providing the industry’s first network based analytics tool called Purview. Purview for healthcare is a network powered application analytics and optimization solution that captures and analyzes context-based application traffic to deliver meaningful intelligence.

Purview allows CIOs and their IT teams to optimize their network for each and every application, enhance security for those applications AND provide data for business analytics. This empowers Healthcare IT to turn the network into a strategic business asset that provides value to other lines of business, and enables business innovation powered by network infrastructure.

From a business perspective, Purview provides data to show how applications are being used. From an IT Perspective, Purview Provides visibility into network and application performance allowing IT to pinpoint and resolve performance issues in the infrastructure whether they are caused by the network, application or server. This is the apparent solution to ensure that your 100+ million dollar EMR implementation goes off without a hitch.

Whether you are a large system or a small clinic. This is a tool that should be on your tool belt and can really help differentiate your IT department as a strategic asset to your organization.

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About The Contributor:
Charles DowdAE Healthcare specialist

Charles Dowd is a Healthcare specialist at Extreme Networks, focused on new business development. Charles seeks out opportunities to introduce Extreme Networks to Hospitals in need of unmatched visibility and control to secure medical devices on their network. He immerses himself in everything involving Healthcare, HealthIT, and mHealth.

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