February 18, 2011

Making the 4G Experience Possible

If you’ve ever been to a rock concert, the entrance to the app world at Mobile World Congress should be all too familiar (and scary as well). Too many people are trying to access the same place at the same time. Sound familiar@f0  A mobile network without sufficient capacity is much the same, and no one comes out the better.

At the same time, the crowds jamming into the app world were indicative of the new world of mobility. A plethora of tablets placing 100x the bandwidth demands on the network than smart phones.  3D phones from LG generating 3D YouTube, FaceTime and Facebook for everyone.

Storming App Planet

At Extreme Networks we understand this evolution, and the impact this will have on operator 4G deployments.  It is not just about the devices. It is the applications, the ecosystems, and new ways of interacting that we can only speculate about today.

At the same time we’ve got to protect operator investment, providing a migration path from existing 2G and 3G networks.  Our newly announced E4G Mobile Backhaul family offers this glide path, offering flexibility and future proofing that speaks to those whose network is a cost of doing business.

So the next time you whip out your tablet and send a 3D video or open the Netflix client, give a bit of a thought to the magic that makes this all possible.


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