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ExtremeWireless WiNG Software

Next Generation Advanced WLAN Operation System

ExtremeWireless WiNG Software gives visibility, insight, and management into your network like no other software in the industry. WiNG OS is designed to scale efficienty from the smallest networks to the largest geographically dispersed deployments. With ExtremeWireless NSight platform you can give any role in your IT staff deep visibility in all aspects of your wireless network. Finally, with Azara Cloud Managed Networking, bring the power of WiNG 5 OS to the cloud.

ExtremeWireless WiNG 5 Operating System

Next Generation Advanced WLAN Operation System

WiNG 5 brings you the resiliency of a stand-alone access point network without the vulnerability of a centralized controller, with advancements that take performance, reliability, security, scalability, and manageability to a new level. The result? Maximum network uptime and security with minimal management. Plus, true seamless and dependable mobility for your users.

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Azara Cloud-Managed Networking

Bringing the Power of ExtremeWireless WiNG 5 to the Cloud

Azara extends the ExtremeWireless WiNG 5 architecture to combine the proven functionality of Extreme Networks’ enterprise-grade WLAN with the simplicity and flexibility of managing WLAN infrastructure from the cloud. Along with a true enterprise-class network that is scalable and reliable.

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Extreme NSight Platform

Advanced Network Visibility, Service Assurance and Analytics Platform

NSight provides the real-time insight into your WLAN operations you need to protect this vital business artery and the business critical data it carries, every day of the year. This flexible management software allows you to access the wealth of information collected by the ExtremeWireless WiNG operating system and view it in an easy-to-use browser interface, either in real time or over a time period of your choosing for easy trend analysis.

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Unsurpassed Performance, Reliability, and Control

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