June 18, 2015

Survey: 94% of Open Educational Resources Users Are Happy With the Quality [Infographic]


Results of Extreme Networks OER Survey Highlight the Breadth, Value, and Strong Future for Openly-Licensed Educational Content

I do not think that there are issues with current OER offerings, only a limitation on people’s openness to leverage them in traditional teaching environments.

Need more OER resources!

Make it easy to incorporate OER into Learning Management Systems.

More, more and more!

We need a repository of educationally reviewed material that is aligned to national curriculum standards.

Need a clearing house to categorize and rate for grade level and if it meets common core standards.

Publicize it more widely as many teachers/instructors are still not familiar with OER.

Faculty are experts and should drive the curriculum rather than OER.

I think OER is going pretty well; it’s the publicity (or marketing) that could be improved.

— Responses to survey question “How can Open Educational Resources be improved?”

Open Educational Resources are now broadly accepted for teaching across all levels, according to the Extreme Networks OER survey. While one benefit is low cost, more importantly OER is viewed as delivering high quality, up to date content in creative and innovative formats.

As for drawbacks, many of those surveyed believed that a site or clearing house to vet OER content would be useful. Such a site could provide a peer rating system and would include easy-to-use site search. We can report that such a site, managed by OER Commons already exists. See our blog, Rich Sources of Curated Open Educational Resources – High Quality, Current, and Free, for more on that subject.

The future for OER looks strong; 76% believe it will become more popular in the future, while only 2% believe it will become less popular (the remaining 22% said they were not sure). The perception for textbook costs is that 44% believe they will increase in price, 24% say they will stay priced about as they are today, and 32% believe they will decrease in price.

The goal of our survey was to better understand OER and to encourage both its creation and adoption. We can report that over 500 educational professionals worldwide participated. Here are the results, presented in the infographic below.

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