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Enhancing the In-Venue Experience One Fan at a Time

Gillette StadiumStadium Wi-Fi

The Extreme Networks high-density Wi-Fi solution utilizes the latest standard in 802.11ac wireless technology and is designed to support any requirement (2.5GHz and 5GHz enabled) an outdoor venue may require in order to provide premium connectivity and mobile-enabled services to their fans, regardless of the potential physical challenges a venue may present.


Purview ImageArena Wi-Fi

Similar to our outdoor wireless solution offering, our high-density Wi-Fi solution for indoor arenas and venues is specifically designed to support the unique parameters of an enclosed and highly populated space. Using the latest standard in 802.11ac technology, we deliver unparalleled wireless connectivity to your organization and your fan base.


Taking Photo of StadiumAnalytics & Monetization

To effectively leverage and monetize a Wi-Fi solution as a business asset and truly enhance the fan experience, IT teams must have complete visibility into how users use the network. Purview provides application level visibility, optimization, and control into network and fan engagement patterns, creating actionable data analytics and a deeper understanding of network usage and activity.



Taking Photo of StadiumThe Sports and Entertainment Division Guiding Principles:

  • Form true partnerships with every sports organization we work with, during each aspect of the project cycle and beyond.
  • Treat each organization and their respective venue environment as unique, tailoring our methodology to every Wi-Fi deployment.
  • Utilize our specifically engineered technology, tenured expertise, and extensive partner ecosystem.
  • Ensure both the operational needs of the organization and architectural needs of the venue are met throughout the entire project cycle.
  • Invest great care in how we service and support these systems, using real world tuning exercises.
  • Implement our developed and patented Wi-Fi Coach program, placing connectivity support representatives in your venue to ensure a quality game day experience for your fans throughout the entirety of an event.
  • Deliver a world-class Wi-Fi solution to your fans and ultimately an elevated fan experience.

Fred Kirsch, New England Patriots

Fred Kirsch, VP of Publishing and Content for the New England Patriots, describes the importance of establishing a strong Wi-Fi infrastructure in a venue, how the team at Gillette Stadium leverage their Wi-Fi deployment, and why his team chose Extreme Networks.

Super Bowl XLVIII Application Analytics Infographic

Extreme Networks, the Official Wi-Fi Analytics Partner of the NFL and Super Bowl 48, harvested data from our application analytics engine, Purview, which provides insightful feedback into the fan engagement patterns on the network during the course of the game.

Super Bowl XLVIII Infographic

Extreme Networks partners with CrowdOptic to Deliver Google Glass Broadcasting on Wi-Fi Networks


CrowdOptic, a maker of mobile and wearable broadcasting applications for live sports, announced a partnership with Extreme Networks to tighten the two organizations’ product lines.


On the Fly Wi-Fi Webcast

A conversation with Fred Kirsch of the New England Patriots and the Sports and Entertainment Division of Extreme. In this webinar, from the On the Fly Wi-Fi series, Director’s John Brams and John Burke join host and industry wireless expert Mike Leibovitz to discuss the latest trends in the stadium technology.

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