The Reality of the Life-Critical Wireless Healthcare Network

Integra Systems White Paper.
Written by: David Hoglund

Today’s healthcare CIO is under tremendous technical and financial pressure to deploy a secure and life-critical wired and wireless network to support data, voice, video, and medical device applications. But how can this be done in a cost-effective way while still providing continuously available and pervasive wireless connectivity to support life-critical devices?

Noted Subject Matter Expert (SME) in wireless and medical connectivity David Hoglund of Integra Systems defines the “Life-Critical Wireless Healthcare Network” and highlights the challenges today’s healthcare CIO faces when supporting mobility on the Integrated Delivery Network.

  • What are the design requirements for the “Life-Critical Wireless Healthcare Network”?
  • What’s the new approach for implementing mobility on the Integrated Delivery Network?
  • How can the total cost of ownership be reduced for pervasive wireless connectivity?