IDC Research: Building a Network that Enables a 21st-Century Healthcare Experience

The network has never been as critical to the healthcare sector as it is today. Electronic health records, Wi-Fi-connected medical devices, and clinician smart phones are among a plethora of healthcare technologies that depend on a stable network.

The consistent development of this infrastructure is key for the healthcare sector to continue its successes in creating new possibilities for management, patient and family experience, and patient outcomes.

Extreme Networks posed key questions to Nolan Greene, a senior research analyst with IDC’s Network Infrastructure group, who highlights the critical issues healthcare IT professionals must consider when building a network that maintains industry needs.

Download this report to learn about:

  • Why having a modern healthcare infrastructure is so important
  • The major challenges IoT brings to healthcare networks
  • How IEC 80001 is impacting compliance
  • Trends that confront a network IT professional in healthcare
  • Risks Healthcare IT must eliminate when implementing BYOD