Knowledge Tied to Action: How Leaders Combine Deep Network Analytics with Automated Control and Management

Research by Aberdeen Group has shown that organizations who have best-in-class network performance and reliability are more likely to implement deep and end-to-end network monitoring and analytics to ensure they can see everything that impacts their networks.

At these organizations, if a problem occurs, they not only know everything from who had the problem, what device they were on, where they connected, and what the cause of the issue was, but they can utilize powerful management tools to fix that issue, often automatically, and before the problem really impacts end-users.

Read this paper to discover the top challenges faced by businesses lacking a reliable and high performing network and also the significant benefits Best-in-Class organizations see from their deep visibility and automated network management.

Here’s what’s covered:

  • Benefits of having deep and end-to-end network monitoring and analytics
  • Challenges faced by businesses that lack visibility of their network infrastructure
  • How to better deliver on user and business demands
  • Why knowing your network and taking action on that information is important