ExtremeAnalytics for Healthcare Data Sheet

Extreme Application Analytics is a network powered application analytics and optimization solution that captures and analyzes context-based application traffic to deliver meaningful intelligence — about apps, users, locations, and devices.

It is the Industry’s first and only — patent pending – Solution to Transform the Network into a Strategic Business Asset – by enabling the mining of network based clinical events and strategic information that help hospital leaders make faster and more effective decisions. It does this all from a centralized command control center that combines Network Management with Clinical Analytics, and at unprecedented scale (100M sessions) and scope.

From a clinical perspective, Extreme Application Analytics provides data to show how applications such as the EMR and PACS systems are being used. This can be used to better understand clinical behavior on the network, identify the level of user engagement, and to assure business application delivery to optimized the clinician experience. Additionally Extreme Application Analytics can track application adoption to determine the return on invest associated with application deployments and also identify the potential for new and so far unknown ways to leverage application data from the network for new – revenue generating – services. These are just a few examples of the power of Extreme Application Analytics, the possibilities are unlimited. Extreme Application Analytics’s in-depth view into the network and applications also provides valuable information for up front budget planning when implementing new applications for the business while also ensuring security compliance for approved applications.

From an IT perspective Extreme Application Analytics provides visibility into network and application performance allowing IT to pinpoint and resolve performance issues in the infrastructure whether they are caused by the network, application, or server. This saves both time and money for the business when the critical applications are running at the best possible performance. By eliminating unnecessary application delay, users become more efficient and can focus on the important aspects of their jobs.

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