Building the Business Case For Unified Wired/Wireless Cloud-Managed Networks

It’s All About Advancing the Business

Organizations looking to deliver a flexible infrastructure that supports new methods of engagement, including customer-facing applications, are turning to cloud for the management of their wired and wireless networks.

Unified wired/wireless cloud managed networks combine a business adaptive infrastructure with the economic benefits of cloud including reduced CapEx and predictable OpEx. Still, a transition to unified wired/wireless cloud-managed networking will require the engagement and support of decision-makers across your enterprise.

Read this in-depth white paper to learn how to tailor your arguments along a variety of business-aligned pain points and motivations to help you get the backing of key constituents within your organization.

Here’s what’s covered:

  • Why you want and need unified wired/wireless cloud-managed networks
  • Five things to address to gain support for unified wired/wireless cloud-managed networks
  • Answering the questions or objections that may arise
  • Extreme Networks’ approach to unified wired/wireless cloud-managed networks