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Unlocking The True Value Of Your Network With Software Defined Networking

Finally, an SDN Platform delivering network automation, orchestration, and virtualization.




Open, Standards-Based SDN Controller Providing Simple, Fast, and Smart Automation and Orchestration


OneController tightly integrates with existing and multi-vendor hardware and software network infrastructure, preserving customer investments and avoiding vendor lock-in. Investment protection is ensured through backward compatibility in multi-vendor networks with support for both the OpenFlow standard as well as other open APIs. Extreme Networks’ OpenDaylight-based API, software development kit (SDK) and developer community will enable customers to evolve the network to keep pace with emerging security, wireless, and converged SDN infrastructure.



SDN SDK (Developer's Access Kit)


Evolutionary Software-Defined Networking


The Extreme Networks’ SDN solution accelerates application innovation and reduces risks for the entire network, including wireless, campus and data center. We do this through a modular, open and standards-based development environment that integrates with existing infrastructure and avoids architecture lock-in.


Developer’s Access Kit