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Summit X770 Series

40 GB Ethernet stackable switches.

Need Real Info Here, Enterprise-Grade for High-Density Deployments

  • High Performance enterprise class AP
  • 3x3 MIMO
  • 900Mbps over the air performance


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The Summit X770 series switches are purpose-built top-of-rack switches designed to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet-enabled servers and emerging 40 Gigabit Ethernet-enabled servers in enterprise and cloud data centers. Summit X770 helps optimize new server deployments by supporting 40GbE ports natively or using breakout cables and/or fiber to support 10GbE ports to start the transition to the new virtualized environment.

The Summit X770 switch supports up to 104 ports of 10GbE in one system and 816 ports of 10GbE in a stacked system using high-speed SummitStack. The Summit X770 model supports 3 different stacking methods: SummitStack-320, SummitStack-160, and SummitStack-V. SummitStack-320 uses 4 ports of QSFP+ 40GbE providing 320 Gbps of stacking bandwidth in a stacked ring architecture full duplex. SummitStack-160 uses 2 ports of QSFP+ 40GbE resulting in 160 Gbps of stacking bandwidth. And SummitStack-V uses 2 ports of 10GbE, created from converting 2 ports of QSFP+ 40GbE into 2 ports of 10GbE connections, creating 40 Gbps of stacking bandwidth.


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The Summit X770 series provides high density Layer 2/3 switching with MPLS and with low latency cut-through switching, and IPv4 and IPv6 unicast and multicast routing to enable enterprise aggregation and core backbone deployment in AC-powered and DC-powered environments as well as Front-to-Back and Back-to-Front airflow models.

The Summit X770 provides store-and-forward as well as cut-through forwarding options. The latency of 64-byte packets using cut-through forwarding is less than 600 nanoseconds.

Summit X770 series include the ExtremeXOS modular operating system. The high availability ExtremeXOS operating system provides simplicity and ease of operation through the use of one OS everywhere in the network.

  • Top-of-rack switch for servers in enterprise and cloud data centers
  • High-performance 40 GbE core switch for a small network
  • High-performance 40 GbE aggregation switch in a traditional three-tiered network
  • Interconnect switch providing low latency connections for High Performance Cluster Computing (HPCC

High Performance Switching and Routing

  • Up to 2.56Tbps switching performance
  • High-performance SummitStack™-V, SummitStack-V160, or SummitStack-V320 stacking support for virtualized chassis configuration supporting mix and match with other Summit switches
  • Less than 600 nanoseconds low latency for Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 switching
  • Green design with very low power consumption and high efficiency power supply
  • Full IPv6 support
  • MPLS supported
  • BFD supported in hardware

Data Center switching

  • Software configurable 40 GbE QSFP+ ports for native 40 GbE as well as 4 x 10 GbE to provide compatibility with non 40 GbE capable systems
  • Data Center Bridging support with Priority Flow Control (PFC), Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS) and Data Center Bridging eXchange (DCBX)
  • Scalable Virtual Machine (VM) deployments with Direct Attach™ (VEPA) for inter-VM switching and XNV™ (ExtremeXOS® Network Virtualization) for VM mobility
  • Reversible air flow option to provide separation of cold and hot aisle in data center installation
  • Virtual Routers supported

High Availability

  • ExtremeXOS modular OS for highly available network operation
  • Extends high availability across switches with Multi-Switch Link Aggregation (M-LAG)
  • Carrier-grade packet ring protocol, Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (EAPS) and ITU G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS)
  • Internal redundant AC/DC power supply and 4+1 fan modules

Comprehensive Security

  • Robust MAC and IP security framework
  • Threat detection and response with CLEAR-Flow security rules engine