June 01, 2015

Migration to SDN Can Be Simple: A Case Study

Enfield SDN Blog Image

Enfield SDN Blog Image
You don’t have to be an enterprise the size of Google or Facebook to reap the benefits of an SDN solution. Here’s proof that an SDN solution is simple, fast and smart to implement and creates successful business outcomes for enterprises and institutions of all sizes, no matter what equipment is in the network. Case in point: The Town of Enfield’s open, standards-based and comprehensive OneController deployment, which demonstrates a real-world SDN implementation seamlessly added to an existing network to provide an on-demand experience to users.

The Town of Enfield, Connecticut has a central network supporting all functions of the municipality – police, fire, town administration and schools. It is critical for their network to be highly available, highly secure, and easy-to-use. With just two people supporting the network, Enfield was looking to add new services for the community while improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

One of the town’s biggest challenges was the growing need for on-demand mobile iPad lab carts for classroom use that teachers could easily grab and run with. In order to meet the on-demand expectation of their customers and deliver secure, but easy and reliable access to the necessary resources in a timely fashion, Enfield sought a way to achieve a better view of all the network activities.

The Enfield IT staff was an early adopter of SDN in order to integrate Palo Alto and iBoss via OneFabric Connect. The OneController SDN solution allowed them to keep their costs low by avoiding a rip and replace of their existing infrastructure. The brownfield migration to an OpenDaylight-based SDN platform would enable them to utilize their existing network gear while still delivering the advantages and scalability of SDN.

On-demand mobile lab scheduling is possible via a web portal that allows teachers to reserve a mobile lab of iPads and triggers automatic bandwidth allocation and management for the designated time and classroom. OneController dynamically configures the network for the required bandwidth and prioritizes the critical systems without requiring support from the limited IT staff. Teachers no longer have to compete against non-critical network requests and the students learning experience has been vastly improved. Everyone wins.

As a thought leader, innovator, and early adopter of SDN integration, the Town of Enfield is a great example of how the Extreme Networks SDN platform can provide an on-demand experience for customers. According to Paul Russell, Chief Technology Officer for the Town of Enfield, “People expect anything that has technology associated with it to be readily-available. Being able to supply reliable network access is a tremendous asset to our town.”

Read the full case study here.

Additional information about our SDN solution can be found at: http://extremenetworks.com/solutions/sdn

This post was co-authored by SarahJane Walshe, Digital Marketing Specialist at Extreme Networks.

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