What Kind of IT Superhero are You?

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Wonder-Hero – The Visionary

You are in charge of ensuring order and progression throughout the universe. You possess some of the most legendary and iconic powers for running a well-oiled universe. You dedicate your time and resources to law and order throughout the universe. You are a solid problem solver providing you with great leadership skills. You are an intelligent gatherer of trends and facts and drive innovation. You empower and arm your allies with the right information at the right time. You move fast, fail fast, realign your strategies, and move on.

Captain-Hero – The Leader

You have a strong sense of purpose, vision, and compassion. Your job is to communicate the Wonder-Hero’s universal goals to the world. Your compassion does not make you weak rather it provides you with the ability to efficiently lead people. You embody all of the best traits that people like to see in themselves. You are a forward thinker and implement innovative solutions. You do not let constraints impact your abilities to ensure harmony in your country.

Bat-Hero – The Strategist

You are a role model and have a good sense of right and wrong. You take great responsibility watching over your city. Your extensive knowledge of science helps you develop strategies to overcome challenges and solve problems. You have no super human powers but you have incredible strength that helps you reach the maximum human potential. Your combat experience makes you an excellent technician and team commander for your teammates.

Spider-Hero – The Achiever

You are fast on your feet, mentally as well as physically. You can skillfully improvise solutions and exercise your creativity on almost every occasion. You have a broad knowledge of many subjects and are intellectually gifted. You have an ethical character, always trying to “do the right thing.” You can relate best with the young people in the world. When people least expect it, you have the ability to step up and save the day.

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