Internet of Things (IoT)

Every day, more and more devices are connecting to the Internet. As your business adopts these new technologies, the demands on your network will increase. Here are some resources to help you navigate the surge of IoT devices and technology coming your way.

Smart Building Infrastructure eBook

The Benefits of Connecting People, Processes, Data, and Things with Integrated Network Technology Solutions


Given that the information network is today the circulatory system of any organization anywhere, regardless of size, geography, and mission, and given that organizations continue to do whatever is necessary to assure that their networks are available, reliable, cost-effective, and otherwise suited to their mission-critical role, it’s essential to ask what additional elements of organizational operations might benefit from a network-centric strategy.

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Smart Buildings: Opportunities, Requirements, and Benefits

The Internet of Things – 40 IoT Solutions SlideShare

How To Optimize Your Network Experience Amidst New Devices and the Internet Of Things

View the Internet of Things (IoT) Press Release: Read Now

The Internet of Things Smart School Infographic

How familiar are you with the concept of a Smart Internet of Things school?

Extreme Networks Survey Reveals Top Uses for IoT

Smart Buildings, Video Surveillance and Security

Caxias do Sul – A Smart City Ready for the Future

More connectivity for delivering better services to the population

AP3912 Wallplate Access Point

AP3916 Camera Access Point

ExtremeWireless AP3912 and AP3916 Announcement

We're proud to announce ExtremeWireless version 10.21, which brings enhanced security, control, over all devices connected within your network. We're helping you transition to a Smart Building. With this announcement, we're also launching a brand new set of access points. The AP3912i and AP3916i, both Internet of Things (IoT) ready with integrated BTLE/802.15.4 radio.

ExtremeSurge: The IoT Solution that Secures, Automates, and Learns

  • Create HyperSec zones for thousands of IoT devices on any network. The technology set that creates encrypted zones, HyperSec helps the ExtremeSurge solution isolate, filter, and encrypt data flows from device to destination. Security profiles determine who or what a device communicates with. ExtremeSurge seamlessly integrates into any vendor’s network so you can reduce your attack surface and keep exposure to a minimum.
  • Use elasticity to automate profile assignments and device onboarding. Security profiles are automatically created and move with each device, offloading complex firewall and access control list administration. Native automation and built-in utilities accelerate on-boarding, facilitating more agile service delivery.
  • Leverage IoT intelligence to analyze security posture and device usage. Monitor your devices’ dynamic activity—including service status, utilization, and location history coupled with device performance and anomaly reporting.

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Our Solution Brief goes deeper into how we secure, automate, and manage IoT devices

Benefits Achieved by Real-World companies Using ExtremeSurge

This Nemertes Research Report looks at the benefits achieved by real-world companies using Avaya Surge—including completely eliminating their costs for securing and moving IoT devices

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Extreme Networks Surge is a fit-for-purpose solution to help secure, automate, and track IoT devices in any organization on any network.