May 20, 2014

How Many People Can Stream Video on One Access Point? Extreme Tests the Limits

Imagine you are one out of 70,000 fans at a football stadium or one student out of an entire high school or university all on the same network. Then consider how frustrating it is when you can’t access applications or view a video on your mobile device when you need it. In today’s Experience Economy, we demand much more in the scale and scope of mobile connectivity so Wi-Fi networks must evolve to address much higher capacity and scale as traffic grows.

At Extreme, we do not only talk about the benefits of our products, we show it! We recently conducted a demo using our 3825 IdentiFi Access Point (AP) to test how many users at one time could stream a live video. This demo wasn’t conducted in a test room or under a fabricated environment. In fact, our own employees gathered to test out the AP in-person on a live production network at Extreme’s office in Salem, NH. By having everyone stream a looped video of our Purview product on the same network, we set out to test the amount of bandwidth and client connections a single Extreme AP could handle without losing extremely valuable connectivity or run into slow download speeds.

The result? We successfully beat our trial record and had over 110 client connections on our AP3825. This included a wall of 25 iPads that were running the video as well. The demo included different kinds of devices from Apple to Samsung and from smartphones to tablets – and with no connection problems!

The AP used over 53G of data in less than an hour. Watch a video of the demo and let us know your thoughts!

About The Contributor:
Scott FergusonWireless Product Marketing Manager

Scott Ferguson is a Product Marketing Manager at Extreme Networks with 20+ years of domestic and international experience in the computer and data communications industry. He has held numerous senior level positions in engineering, product management, and product marketing for start-ups, fortune 500 companies, and business turnarounds in both carrier and enterprise focused businesses. Scott is an industry leader driving hardware and software products to financial success and market recognition, in: security, management systems, network infrastructure, and applications. Scott has held senior level positions at companies that include Apani Networks, Avaya, Colubris Networks, Nortel Networks, and Xyplex Networks. Scott has also been a consultant for companies helping them achieve their business goals through his strategic / business planning, new product introduction, implementation, and marketing skills.

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